Our Property Owners

Building_Owner_Artist_and_Lynn.jpgWe are looking for building and property owners to partner with us and provide locations for our next pieces of artwork. Murals and More will work with you to identify an appropriate mural location and solidify your partnership with this important community project. Since building owners are an integral part of the Murals & More project, we need your help and commitment to make the project a true success. Your support will make a difference in the community and help engage the community with downtown.

Why Get Involved?

There are multiple benefits for you to join this important project:

  • Support for the re-growth of downtown
  • Create additional features to draw citizens and tourists downtown
  • Beautify a “Less than Beautiful” space
  • Landmark your property
  • Create an additional amenity for tenants
  • Create advertising for the property with exposure on/at Murals & More website, brochures, unveilings, and other publicity

If you're interested in learning about how you can be invovled, contact us to set up a conversation.

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